The “military police”, a paramilitary network set up by Turkey in northern Syria, kidnapped five people in Jindires, in the Afrin region, we learned from local sources.

Elî Şêr Mehmûd (32 years old) and Newres Xelîl Elî (28 years old) were kidnapped by the mercenaries of the “military police” in the village of Til Silor located in Jindires, report local sources. In Axçelê, another village in this district of Afrin under Turkish occupation since 2018, three people were kidnapped by this auxiliary paramilitary formation of the Turkish army. They are Mehmûd Ehmed (30 years old), Omer Hesen Ebdo (28 years old) and Xelîl Hisên Mihemed (31 years old). The fate of the victims is not known at this time.

Turkey has established a regime of terror and corruption in all the regions it occupies in northern Syria, notably in Afrin, completely invaded by the Turkish army and its jihadist proxies in March 2018. War crimes such as kidnappings, executions, torture, looting, forced migrations have become commonplace in the region.

According to human rights defenders, in the first six months of this year, occupying forces abducted 346 people, including 30 women, and killed 18 others.

According to the Afrin Human Rights Organization, the crimes perpetrated by Turkey in the occupied areas of northern Syria are aimed at displacing the local population and changing the demographic structure of the region. In addition, the Turkish state, which threatens to invade Tall Rifat and Manbij, targets civilians with artillery fire and aerial bombardment.

“Criminal acts have increased in the occupied areas of Afrin, Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Aïn) and Girê Spî (Tall Abyad) since the June 28 NATO summit. 11 Kurdish citizens were kidnapped and an elderly person has since been executed in Afrin. In the meantime, Turkey is threatening to invade other parts of Syria,” said Ibrahim Shêkho, spokesperson for the Afrin Human Rights Organization.



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