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Local information regarding Payroll Turkey

Annual shutdown/Payroll Turkey


Annual holiday shutdown is not common, except for a few manufacturing companies.

Summer/Winter h


State offices open between :

08.30-17.00 Summer time. Turkey will be using summer time all through 2019.


Public holidays 2019-02-25

New year’s Day, January 1st

National sovereignty and Children’s day, April 23rd

Labor and solidarity day, May 1st

Commemoration of Ataturk and Youth and Sports day, May 19th

Ramazan Bayrami (Feast of Ramadan) will be end of May in 2019-02-25 15 July Democracy and National Unity Day July 15th

Kurban Bayrami (Feast of the Sacrifice) in August

Victory Day, August 30th

Republic Day, October 28th (half day) and 20th


Eves of both feast days and Republic Day are also given as half day holiday


Our Payroll Turkey Company local office working hours


Banks and some offices work 5 days a week, but a sufficient number of ATMs give 7/24 service.


Time Zone

Turkey will be using summer time all through 2018, which is UTC/GMT + 3 hours

Time zone abbreviation : EET – Eastern European Time.


Useful links (official site)




Official language : Turkish

Local Currency : Turkish Lira TRY

Number of Pay Periods : 12

Fiscal Year : Jan 1st Dec 31st

Populatiion : 81 Million

Workforce : 23 million (non-agricultural)

GDP 2015 : 800 Billion dollars


For more informations regarding Payroll Services Turkey, please be in touch with our team based in Istanbul/Turkey.

We are providing Payroll Turkey services since 2000’s for foreign companies which want to develop their activities in Turkey.


Our company is there to help you in your choice and support you in all the steps of your implementation, namely:


Preparation and drafting of the specifications

The search for the target partners with regard to the specifications

Trading strategy and financial conditions

The legal arrangement and the terms of the association (negotiation of the respective powers)

The definition of the audit and Due Diligences to put in place

Post-Partnership Monitoring: Collaboration and Management Modalities, Reporting



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