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Umbrella Company Turkey : The best solution for companies wishing to develop their business activities in Istanbul ?

Turkey’s capital city, Istanbul is an industrial, economic, educational and cultural centre. This is why choosing an Umbrella Company based in Istanbul remains the preferred option for international companies wishing to develop in Turkey.

Umbrella Company Turkey takes care payroll

Istanbul is a key import-export centre, contributing to the majority of national tax revenues. The city comprises a quarter of the national GDP.

Any foreign company wishing to strengthen its presence in Turkey, must operate in Istanbul. However, the bet is risky if the company has never been located here before. Hence it is a good idea to go through an Umbrella Company in Istanbul, which will take care of recruitment and payroll. This will prevent the company in question from having to create a legal structure in Turkey, since the Umbrella Company will be in charge of hiring the employees (payment of salaries, calculation of contributions, edition of payslips etc.)

The payroll jobs in Turkey last an average of two years, the time needed to discover whether on-site activities are successful or not. During these two years, the employee or manager deals with the umbrella company only for administrative tasks. However, the employee receives instructions directly from the company for which he/she performs assignments.

We can therefore see that the advantages of using an Istanbul-based payroll company are numerous:

  • No need to create a structure on-site.
  • The Umbrella Company hires the employees in Istanbul.
  • The Umbrella Company publishes the payslips for the employees.
  • The company takes care of all the administrative tasks around the employees.
  • The client company only has to give instructions to its employees who are located in Istanbul.

Istanbul offers many advantages:

  • Largest city in Turkey, 15 million inhabitants.
  • 40% of the Turkish economy.
  • Strong demographic growth.
  • Urban expansion.
  • Economic and financial capital.
  • Presence of many foreign companies.

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